Poverty and lack are very painful, and not of God. In this book you will discover the causes of lack and poverty and learn how to deal with them in order to experience peace, joy and abundance as promised by God.
Poverty mentality is a mindset based on lack and poverty. By reading this book you will know whether you have poverty mentality or not and it will reveal the root of your poverty mentality.
If you are struggling and you are in lack or poverty, this book will show you that even though you know the Word of God, you might still believe the lies of the devil. Believing the lies is poverty mentality – the lies are a stronghold of your mind.
The lies are a result of painful and hurtful experiences in your life, for example you were told that you would not amount to anything and that you are a failure. This is what you heard and believed in your heart, and the Word says, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”
If your pain, hurts and wounds of the past are always in front of you, and not behind you and you find it difficult to move forward with your life, then this book will help you understand why you cannot get rid of your sinful nature; why you keep on doing what you do not want to do, and what you want to do you cannot do. You will learn to guard your thoughts, motives and beliefs.
Working hard is good and very important but if you are not progressing in what you’re doing, the book will show you the need to work on your soul and spirit. With this new-found understanding of where you are operating from and what is feeding your mind, you will be able to demolish the strongholds of your mind that prevent you from walking in the light of God.
This book will position you to receive your blessings as you work out your salvation.


Florcy Mabuza is married to Mandla Mabuza and they have four children: Muzi, Tamar, Linda and Sabu. She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Studies and has worked in a couple of organisations before joining Ellel Ministries International. She was in the Prayer Ministry team and a teacher at Ellel. She is now dedicating most of her time to writing.


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