This is a South African story that focuses on interracial relationships in the context of the new South Africa. The lead character, Paballo Morake, is an assertive young woman who is very decisive. She goes through a process of establishing a balance between finding love and doing the right thing. Although decisive, she proves to be human, like all of us, when she doubts her own intentions and feelings and she battles with fear of the unknown. She is oblivious of how significant she really is, as she becomes treasured by two white brothers, who would like to keep her at all cost. She makes a conscious decision to let all her walls down and trust without borders, even though there is a lot at stake. In South Africa, where racial conflicts often make the news and can get out of hand, books such as this one are vital.



Nthabiseng was schooled in the Free State, in a small town called Ventersburg. She is a God-fearing person who is Christ-centred, a wife and mother of two. She obtained her first degree at the University of Pretoria and her B.Com Honours in Industrial Psychology from Unisa. She is a Human Resources professional, but a teacher by calling. This is her third book but first novel. Her first book, A Piece of My Mind, and her second one, Life is a Journey, are both compilations of short stories. In the world of fiction, she is one of South Africa’s best kept secrets. She is better known by friends and family as Mother of Princes and Prophets.