We go through countless of untold stories as women, regarding social issues and personal difficulties we face in life. I have observed a lot of unfavourable situations women go through, and relationships are one of them, I have realised how much toxic relationships can destroy a woman’s life. Relationships are supposed to be this beautiful thing that God had in mind when he created Adam and Eve, however people enter into relationships without understanding what they are getting themselves into. I imagine how God intended for Adam and Eve to live together in the Garden of Eden. God had a beautiful picture of bringing the two together. God created the two of them to cultivate the land and multiply, and so to have dominion over the land and the sea, dominion over all creatures and over all things created under the sun! I still believe in that perspective. God meant well! God was very purposeful when he created both male and female. Through storytelling, this book will make you realise there’s surely something we as men and women aren’t doing right when we engage ourselves into romantic relationships. The heartaches, headaches and pains women go through under the name of ‘love’ triggered me to write this book and address the untold stories that changed the meaning of love in a negative way. This book is written for all men to make awareness of things women go through in relationships.

Grab your favourite beverage and enjoy the read.



I believe everyone is born with a God derived purpose already instilled within them. I only knew of mine in 2011 when God deposited a spirit of love and compassion in my heart that lead me to be very passionate about the youth both male and female. I am an Evangelist under the mentorship of Pastor Sanele and Nozipho Msimango the Senior Pastors at Holy City Fellowship church Johannesburg. The love for writing was birthed when I embarked on my public speaking journey.