I heard a man, who is a minister of the Word of God and a prominent man in the ministry, declare openly at a jam-packed ladies meeting, that ‘Children should be allowed to rebel.’
I disagree and would like to use this opportunity to show from the Word of God, that any form of REBELLION is neither God’s will nor His desire for His children.
Rebellion has been the cause of many a war in our homes, where the devil got the upper hand.
We need to start speaking submissive obedience over ourselves and our children, from before birth, so that they will not be trapped by it, so that they will experience complete freedom in the Lord, here and now!
May all who read be blessed with a deeper insight into a heart attitude that has for centuries been allowed to manifest itself.


Kathy Cotterrell was born in Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa on 13/12/51. Second daughter of Tom and Lou Church. Schooled in and around Kimberley. Has two children, who, praise the Lord, both belong to Jesus. Accepted the Lord Jesus as personal Lord and Saviour in ’89, moved back to Kimberley, where intensive teaching on the Word of God was received. Got remarried to a man the Lord brought on her path (answered prayer). In her 10 years walk with the Lord many life-changing issues have come under the spotlight and she enjoys addressing them. It is her heart’s desire that all who read this book will see the glorious gift of total freedom locked up within obedience, and that all those who have been set free by the Son, will experience this freedom.


Kathy Cotterrell